Monday 22nd March (The Guardian Diaries)

After what seemed like forever travelling from Bognor Station (had to be there for 6:15 and get up at 5:00, why oh why oh why?), I was finally arriving at Euston Station and beginning the first walk of the week to The Guardian News And Media.

If honest, it would have been a lot easier to carry on on the tube to Kings Cross St. Pancras station but I would have had to make a change and elbow my way on to another train full of suicidal businessman, desperately rushing to the job they hate. I found it exciting walking through London that first time with my dad probably expecting me to not know my way but I did and after about 15 minutes walking, I was there.

I went in to the building, which was notably quite warm and welcome from the start. I asked at reception for Mia Barnes before trying to get rid of my dad.

“Dad, I’ll see you soon” I said smiling but secretly trying to, undetectably, tell him to leave.

“I will stay until someone comes to get you” he replied. Oh why would you do that? Why? I am now going to look so bloody dependant on you and she is now going to think that I am nervous, of which I am bloody well not!

I and my dad took a seat on some of the chairs they have in the reception whilst I waited for my pass to become. A few people passed by and I wondered whether any of them were Mia (who I was doing work experience with). Mia came about three minutes after I had sat down and lead me off to the commercial department in which she worked. Whilst going through the barrier they have set up that you have to go through to get into the building, I managed to almost injure my genitalia when forgetting to use the pass I had been given and instead walking through after Mia had thinking nothing would happen.

When I went in, everyone looked round at me (it was like I was a celebrity!). Luckily for me, no one seemed to take the piss and stayed friendly, coming over and introducing themselves.

I spent most of the day walking round the building when I had nothing to do and found myself in the canteen most times. I did go out one time to walk around Kings Cross (not the best of ideas). I went to The National British Library, where I was chucked out of every department, and also to a nearby park. I had my lunch in this park, owned by The London Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust, although it should have been called The Wildfowl and Go To The Toilet Here Trust as I was lucky enough to spot a man taking a piss on my way back to the building. How awkward and embarrassing. I felt more sorry for the man as he looked literally terrified when he noticed me dashing away in an attempt to have not been there.

I was luckily let off at 3:00 by Mia who thought I had had a hard day (awww, she is so nice!) and left for Euston station to get my tube to Waterloo Station. I was so stressed about taking the underground train and so worried that I would get the wrong one that I asked about seven people on my way to the platform I had to be at. One of these was a poor, baffled Australian tourist who was having the same problem.

Eventually, I got on my train to Shepperton at Waterloo and found myself to be one of the only people on the actual train and eventually the only person in my carriage. I found this so amusing that I ran from each side of the carriage and back a few times for a laugh. Of course, the laughs disappeared when I realised I had no bloody battery on my phone and I realised that I had to walk to my grandparents in the melancholic weather with a pain stricken toe. Unfair, completely unfair!!! On my walk through Shepperton, I realised I was going a way I had never seen on my way in the car before after moving further away from the main road which the station is nearby. I bit the bullet and asked a old, rather shrunken lady who looked like she had soiled herself when I ran up to her to ask where I was going and if it was the right way to Ashurst Drive. I believe she thought I was going to mug her but she was very nice and sent me in the right direction.

Twenty minutes later, after a painful walk, I was relaxing, finally, with a cup of tea and watching Neighbours. A great day overall, if a bit hectic!

The Guardian Diaries (well, this isnt)

I am at the moment mourning what has have to have been the best experience of my life after spending the week with some of the nicest people I have met at when I went to do my work experience at The Guardian News And Media. It is defiantely going to be a goal for me in the future to end up working there…….

Whilst bored on the train backwards and forwards to London Waterloo, I started to do some writing to prevent this boredom as I very soon got sick of reading The Beach for a large percentage of the day and running my i-pod out of power (it died on the third day).

Over the next week or so, I am going to publish them and also win back my blogging empire of fans (Kayleigh, Georgia, Ellie, Caitlin, Sam, Liam, Ryan, Dan and co….lol) after having a breakdown and deleting my last one a few weeks back ahaha.


Jimmie =)